Benjamin Lira Luttges

I am a third year graduate student in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. I am working with Dr. Angela Duckworth.

I study the intersection of noncognitive skills—self-regulation in particular—and artificial intelligence. My research has three areas of focus: (1) using AI to measure non-cognitive skills, (2) developing AI-based interventions for developing non-cognitive skills, and (3) exploring the cognitive consequences of interacting with large language models. I hope to contribute to psychological science by improving our understanding of we can leverage powerful technologies to make our lives better.

My work has been published in Educational Researcher, Nature Scientific Reports, and Science Advances.

Prior to my doctoral studies at Penn, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Lima with a BA and a licensure in Psychology, and worked developing interventions, training, and outreach on Educational Neuroscience and Psychology.

Here is my Google Scholar Page, and my CV.

PhD Student

University of Pennsylvania